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Goruck is coming to Okinawa!


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Ingress Special Ops (SpecOps) teams will conduct missions in support of the #ABADDON   Anomaly in Okinawa, Japan. Teams will be led by GORUCK Special Operations Cadre through a series of team building missions.
All Ingress Agents who successfully complete the GORUCK Light Challenge will receive a GORUCK Ingress Patch, Ingress GORUCK Medal #ABADDON  Anomaly Medal.

For more information and to register follow this link:

Who can sign up?
Anyone can sign up. The only special requirement is that you must have an Ingress account. 

Download the Ingress app on Android and iPhone (

**LOADOUT** The Ruckgress missions will primarily require capturing or neutralizing portals while moving. Linking and fielding will not play a large part. Captures may require only a single resonator, or could require full build and shields depending on the scenario at the time. Loadout for Agents of both factions and all levels should maximize bursters, ultrastrikes, R or VR shields. But be prepared to build and shield portals if necessary to defend them. Cadre will direct how players engage threats. Team leaders will direct tactics in real time.

Are shadows allowed?
No, shadows are not allowed for this event due to the sensitive nature of these Ingress missions.

There is no registration cap planned at this time. We recommend both Ingress Factions work to have a strong presence at this SpecOps event.

Additional Information
-The Start Point will be posted to the GORUCK Ingress Facebook page and the GORUCK Google+ page ( 1 week prior to the Ingress #ABADDON   Spec Ops event.
-Be sure to bring a Smartphone with downloaded Ingress app and extra power source.
-As a team, you will also need one Faction ¬specific (be creative) 15 lb. team weight, one American Flag and one Faction flag. Other home country flags are always welcome and encouraged.
-Your registration will also come with a custom GORUCK Ingress shirt that will be handed out by GORUCK at the Anomaly after-party.

Suggested Gear:

GORUCK Light is an introduction to the team-based training found in Special Operations. It is also much less grueling than our original event, the GORUCK Challenge. Your class will consist of up to 30 participants (aka members of your new GORUCK family). One Cadre, an experienced member of Special Operations, will teach leadership as your class overcomes adversity to become a team. (Team being a very important word. GORUCK Light is a team event, never a race).

GORUCK Light takes place over 4-5 hours, and you will cover roughly 7-10 miles. You will also smile. A lot. We promise.

Use this page to organize your training, team weight, ruckoffs, etc.

**Please note times listed are local.