A page from Victor Kureze's personal diaries during the Niantic Project has been recovered.

Originally shared by Niantic Project

A page from Victor Kureze's personal diaries during the Niantic Project has been recovered.

Some of you will recall that Kureze died during the course of the Project under mysterious circumstances -- some of the details surrounding his death have emerged via Felicia Hajra-Lee's short story, Level 8 (https://goo.gl/DFohJN).

Kureze was associated with the #Abaddon Anomaly that took place in Hamburg last weekend, and his XM pattern was claimed by the Resistance.

A transcript of the document is below.



Zeke has asked me to do many things over the years.  I have done them unquestioningly.  I am a scientist.  I am not a philosopher and certainly not a moralist.  Zeke has been both a friend and patron.  He believed in me when nobody else did -- made it possible for me to explore the furthest reaches of science, provided me with funds and encouragement.  All of the studies before and after Whydah were facilitated by him.  He found the money -- the people.

Tonight he asked me to examine Roland’s corpse in detail.  I would be lying if I did not say that this disturbed me.  I am not a forensic pathologist...  I'm a physicist, damn it!  Yes, I understand that this body -- Jarvis' body -- is a unique object.  I sense that XM and some unknown transdimensional property (perhaps related to these symbols that have appeared upon it) are what have kept it perfectly preserved -- more than preserved -- it has self healed repeatedly.  

Actually, I suspect that what is actually happening is that the XM (which exists simultaneously in multiple dimensions) is tethering the information state of Jarvis’ body, and causing it to ‘sync’ to a stabilized cross-dimensional state.  

I have no idea what the true function and nature of the symbols are.  Perhaps I should take to referring to them as glyphs since that is what Carrie insists they should be called.  In any case, that’s more her or Stein's territory.  Or Misty, I suppose.

I still lament that Niantic was not allowed to go to completion.  The things we would have known!  Now I am alone, out of my depth, out of my element, conducting experiments that neither I nor any other human is capable of conducting -- should be asked to conduct.  

But I owe it to Zeke to do my best...

There is one other thing that disturbs me.  The code word that I heard Zeke quietly utter to one of his operatives when he thought I was distracted.  Was it in association with the facility?  Jarvis?  Or this massive portal we sit upon, the Large Hadron Collider...  

For reasons I cannot explain, it has left me most uneasy.  

It was Abaddon which in mythology is both a place and a demon associated with a place.  I don’t know why I connect these things, but I do.  I can’t help but get the feeling that these glyphs are communicating this information to me.  

But what does it mean?  What am I supposed to do with information free of context?

All I can do is carry on.  A grisly task lies ahead.

Lord help me.

-Dr.  Victor Kureze