via Niantic Project

via Niantic Project 

H. Richard Loeb  shares his thoughts on today's hangout with Dr. Edgar Allan Wright 


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

Dr. Wright's hangout today was an interesting watch. He echoed some information that I have been been monitoring across a number of channels (although he probably got some of the details wrong -- to be expected given his mentally fragmented state).

At this point it seems certain that the Researchers were turned into Simulacra at some point during the Niantic Project. This was masterminded by Calvin, although his reasons are not yet fully known. Reassembling the identities of these researchers and attempting to bring them back to this earthly plane lies at the heart of #Abaddon.

Each researcher in #Abaddon has been connected to an Anomaly, and those individual Anomalies seem to be able to control how their patterns are reassembled, affecting them in unique ways (the most cursory of which one could call Enlightened vs. Resistance bias).

However, it also appears that by controlling the #Abaddon series as a whole, the Factions will be able to control whether all the researchers return as either Humans or Simulacra. 

From what I can gather, the N'zeer wish to preserve the researchers as Simulacra -- Why? To enhance their connection with their informational substrate?

And what of the opposite? Does remaining a biological entity somehow enhance what Jarvis has called the connection to the Ultimate?

Or perhaps the presence of the N'zeer is forcing the Shapers to go on the defensive -- seeking to deny an advantage to their adversary, even if it requires a sacrifice.

I don't know the answer to those questions yet, but these are interesting times. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.