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via Niantic Project​

+Hank Johnson on +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Jahan, Robert E. Howard and what lies at stake in #Abaddon.


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

I can tell you now, that part of my mission in New Orleans was to try and help secure Martin Schubert. We failed, but we did get Lynton-Wolfe, and whatever I might think of him, I can’t deny that he is one of the most important Niantic researchers, if not the most important. I’ll let you debate that point.

The other part of my mission was to check out a possible location and see if it might be connected to the place we are now calling #Abaddon. That location was Avery Island. Unfortunately, it was a dead end. 

One of the clues driving me there was a rumor that there was another Robert E. Howard manuscript, posthumously edited by his pen-pal Lovecraft (not sure how he got it, possible Howard’s father forwarded some unfinished drafts to him).

The rumor is it that the document was in the Weird Tales archives under the pseudonym of Howard Craft, and still other rumors say that it was stolen from a university by treasure hunters. In any case, I failed to find it, and yet, somehow, it conveniently materialized in the days that followed the Anomaly. How? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Having now looked at it, it does seem that REH was uncannily aware (at least subconsciously) of forces like Anti-Magnus moving through American history.

While the lead at Avery Island turned up dry, I won't stop looking. Even if they have been influenced by the Resistance, we still have a chance to save these people, to bring them back as people and not simulacra, and I'm going to do everything I can to help.

And as for what I said about Jahan on IR this week. It wasn't a lie.