#protips for #inbox

#protips for #inbox

Originally shared by Ian Lake

Tips for new Inbox Users
Some tips on getting used to the new Inbox experience (note this is particularly geared towards my web usage, but mobile is a similar experience):

Start fresh
1) Snooze emails you know have due dates
2) Pin the emails you need to follow up on
3) Sweep everything else away. Don't worry - they're in the Done list (the new All Mail) if you really need them

Bundle everything
If you've used multiple tabs in the old Gmail, that's bundles - one line item for a group of emails. Go to each entry in the side nav and make sure they bundle in the inbox (you may have to hit the gear in the upper right on web to see the option) and change the name as needed. Bulk changes in these settings is even easier from the main Settings screen.

Priority Inbox
Enable bundling on the 'Low Priority' label - this groups uncategorized, lower priority emails into a single bundle. You can always move something out of low priority by tapping the overflow and using the 'Remove from Low Priority' option.

Pin and Sweep
On the quest to Inbox Zero, you're bound to go past a horde of emails you don't really need to read. What I've found effective is to pin just the emails you need to look at, then immediately sweep the others away. After that, you can proceed to read and snooze emails as appropriate.

Use Snooze!
Snooze is ridiculously powerful in changing a receive time list of emails (starred of Gmail) into the order that you control. After you've hit inbox zero, this is where you can go if you want to get ahead of the game. Otherwise, just wait for things to come back into your inbox and enjoy that blissful feeling while you can.

Go 100%
Switching between Gmail and Inbox will make you question your life choices. Believe me, you'll like it once you do all the other things on this list.

It took a bit of time, but I've really enjoyed using Inbox now. The new auto-created bundles (Travel, Purchases, and Finance) have been particularly helpful in handling categories that normally I've not even attempted to control.