I haven’t written yet about this recursion.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

I haven’t written yet about this recursion. You saw it on the video. I watched it myself. It’s strange to watch yourself die. Well, if not die, cease to exist in your current form. I don’t remember it, of course. I don’t directly remember anything from my first recursion. My life for 1331 days was like something that didn’t happen -- sort of.  Nothing that has ever existed in the universe, or for that matter ever will, vanishes without a trace. And that life is no exception. It has the traces I left behind...

I’ll try to tell you what happened when I began this recursion. It was instantaneous as best I can tell. I realized I was awake in the 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan. I saw myself, my body, perfectly preserved, on a slab right next to me. I thought I was dreaming, or dead, or having an out of body experience. I was standing, although I don’t remember standing up, so I would assume that I began again in exactly the same position I was in when my body deconstructed.  It’s an odd sensation to view your own corpse. That’s probably a hell of an understatement.

The cave was empty and yet I did not feel alone...  I felt the presence of others and the atmosphere seemed to be crackling with energy... I thought I saw things out of the corner of my eye. I can not rule out hallucinations.  I would see many things over the next few hours that defy explanation... Or maybe there is one...

Have signal. Will send now. More later.