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The #Darsana XM Anomaly Series kicks off tomorrow, Oct 18, in Brussels, BE and Salt Lake City, UT, USA: 

#Darsana OCT 18: 
Brussels, BE http://goo.gl/WvNfGc
Aarhus, DK http://goo.gl/hsg581
Berne, CH http://goo.gl/bHqfBY
Vilnius, LT http://goo.gl/bAAn47
Pune, IN http://goo.gl/A8xIPp

Salt Lake City, UT, USA http://goo.gl/bX2Yir
Anchorage, AK, USA http://goo.gl/cLmRXl
Honolulu, HI, USA http://goo.gl/e720LN

#Darsana NOV 15: 
New Orleans, LA, USA http://goo.gl/fvv5sv
Oklahoma City, OK, USA http://goo.gl/LxA2XL
Santo Domingo, DO http://goo.gl/wlGmJI
Virginia Beach, VA, USA http://goo.gl/yvPYai

Darsana Global TBD http://goo.gl/g4nLra

#Darsana DEC 13: 
Tokyo, JP http://goo.gl/Bp8bb2
Auckland, NZ http://goo.gl/ILZeAM
Manila, PH http://goo.gl/grd8cd
Seoul, KR http://goo.gl/VOVgdA

Barcelona, ES http://goo.gl/xJ6kpq
Pretoria, ZA http://goo.gl/xU7vaY
Stuttgart, DE http://goo.gl/hJBX2e
Toulouse, FR http://goo.gl/uJY5N8

Charleston, SC, USA http://goo.gl/ql7mXG
Hartford, CT, USA http://goo.gl/eOdNUg
Rio de Janeiro, BR http://goo.gl/1M9R37
Santa Cruz, CA, USA http://goo.gl/e8UL1e

The novel "Endgame: The Calling" and alternate reality game Endgame: Ancient Truth launched at a panel with author James Frey and Niantic Labs' John Hanke in New York City on Oct 7. For more information about the alternate reality game, see http://www.endgameancienttruth.com

From Brazil, Agents raise the Operation Jaboticaba Flag. From the US, Agents breach the impossible for Operation Yankee. From Japan, a series of SITREPs on the final moments of the #Helios Artifact struggle, and in Stockholm, a Cross-Faction Field Art ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Finally, Susanna Moyer shares her favorite missions from Prague, Munich, and Moscow. Share your favorite missions using #IngressMissions , and share your SITREPs with #IngressReport then sign the video release form at http://ingress.com/report

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