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The Resistance capture ‪#‎Darsana‬ 01 and 02 in Brussels, BE and Salt Lake City, UT. The #Darsana Series currently stands 69 RES to 15 ENL.

#Darsana NOV 15: 
New Orleans, LA, USA http://goo.gl/fvv5sv
Oklahoma City, OK, USA http://goo.gl/LxA2XL
Santo Domingo, DO http://goo.gl/wlGmJI
Virginia Beach, VA, USA http://goo.gl/yvPYai
Darsana Global TBD http://goo.gl/g4nLra

With the Resistance successfully securing the ‪#‎Helios‬ Anomaly Series, a series of Beacons were activated and a message transmitted to the N'zeer. Hank Johnson continues his investigation into the Shapers' "worst nightmare."

From Lviv, Cross-Faction Field Art in the shape of a flower. From Taipei, Enlightened Agents create a series of Fields in the shape of Taiwan to mark National Day of the Republic of China. And in the Netherlands, Resistance Agents launch Operation Area51, controlling over 100 Million MU.

James Frey continues the book tour for his New York Times Bestseller Endgame. Join other Agents and Endgame acolytes at Chapters Queensway in Toronto on Oct 28 at 7:00 PM.

Finally, news emerged earlier today of boosted Portal output and the Level 3+ Bronze and Level 9+ Silver Innovator Medal. We will edit this post as soon as we have confirmation that the Portal Network has been updated.

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