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Upload and share full-size photos from your desktop

Back in December we launched full-size backups of your Android photos (http://goo.gl/coFZ7). Today we're making it possible upload full-size photos from your desktop -- whether you're updating your profile photo, creating a new album to share, or backing up pictures from a recent vacation.

To enable full-size desktop uploads, just visit your settings at www.google.com/settings/plus, and check "Upload my photos at full size." Afterwards, any files larger than 2048px will count towards your Google storage (up to 5GB free). Photo storage at 2048px or smaller remains free and unlimited.

p.s. With lots more full-size photos on Google+, pan and zoom is going to get a lot more fun. Check out +Dave Cohen's recent announcement for more details: http://goo.gl/cmJ7i.

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