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Ten September Mission Day Events!

Agents, one of the best way to explore new cities and portals is participating in Ingress Mission Day! We are happy to announce ten additional Mission Days will take place on Sunday Sep. 25th after the #ViaLux anomaly. If you haven’t registered, do so now to receive additional information about the agenda, number of missions and what the official missions are going to look like.

Budapest: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/budapest
Cologne: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/cologne
Granada: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Granada
Macau: https://missiondaymacau.splashthat.com
Mumbai: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/mumbai
Santiago: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/santiago
Setouchi: https://missiondaykurashiki.splashthat.com
Singapore: https://missionday-singapore.splashthat.com
St. Louis: http://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/StLouis
Toronto: https://missiondaytoronto.splashthat.com

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