Originally shared by Visur Technology


Yesterday, an unknown group was able to breach some Visur systems and insert unauthorized content into our Anomaly Projection Reports.

Visur prides itself in maintaining a world class security infrastructure, and while the investigation remains ongoing, it is clear that this group exercised highly sophisticated mechanisms to perform this breach -- mechanisms that have not been seen before. We have not yet identified the culprit.

We have been unable to confirm the veracity of the information injected into the Anomaly Impact Projections, as such we are not reissuing the original version of our documents -- it is possible that the information presented in the modifications may have intelligence value to Agents.

Visur will extend monitoring activities surrounding the upcoming Anomalies in order to maintain situational awareness of possible 'unexpected' changes to the Anomaly flow and structure -- any discovered information will be included in our hashed data.

As of now, we have restored control of this Google+ page and will continue to advise Agents as necessary regarding the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies.

#ViaLux Special Field Operation Intel:

Anomaly Site: Setouchi, Japan
Field Op Region: Gisborne, New Zealand
Timezone: NZST UTC+12

Anomaly Site: Singapore, Singapore
Field Op Region: Cairns, Australia
Timezone: AEST UTC+10

Anomaly Site: Macau, China
Field Op Region: Magadan, Russia
Timezone: MAGT UTC+11

Anomaly Site: Mumbai, India
Field Op Region: Noumea, New Caledonia
Timezone: NCT UTC+11

Anomaly Site: Cologne, Germany
Field Op Region: Pokhara, Nepal
Timezone: NPT UTC+5.75

Anomaly Site: Budapest, Hungary
Field Op Region: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Timezone: ULAST UTC+9

Anomaly Site: Granada, Spain
Field Op Region: Islamabad, Pakistan
Timezone: PST UTC+5

Anomaly Site: Toronto, Canada
Field Op Region: Accra, Ghana
Timezone: GMT UTC+0

Anomaly Site: Santiago, Chile
Field Op Region: Clonmel, Ireland
Timezone: IST UTC+1

Anomaly Site: St. Louis, MO
Field Op Region: Jēkabpils, Latvia
Timezone: EEST UTC+3