#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M3 Snapshot Report

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#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M3 Snapshot Report

Heading into M4, the Resistance hold a healthy lead in Wroclaw … Healthy, but not unchallengeable. A strong performance across both arenas, Flash Shards and Cluster Battle, could topple this system. M3 in Wroclaw was the closest of the Measurements thus far.

Birmingham could yet go either way. While the Resistance have come to the lead there, the situation remains highly dynamic. M3 has been the Resistance’s best performance there so far.

The same is true for Turku. There too, the Resistance lead, but their margin is easily surpassable given a strong Enlightened performance in M4. The Enlightened have momentum on their side, having elevated their scores at each successive Measurement.

At Europe’s M3, all three Anomalies are too close to call. A dynamic and energetic start to the #ViaLux series.

The Resistance lead in Wroclaw @M3: 1289 to 1032
The Resistance lead in Birmingham @M3: 460 to 405
The Resistance lead in Turku @M3: 360 to 305

Find detailed and updated scores at http://investigate.ingress.com/via-lux-scoreboard/
View detailed Shard Tracking information at http://thrakazog.com/via_lux/

(This data represents a snapshot of the Anomaly state taken at Measurement time. The Anomaly state may have evolved since this point in time.)