It's Time To Move! LOVE this video!

It's Time To Move! LOVE this video!

Ingress Agents, the #ViaLux Ingress Anomaly is almost here. Your faction needs you. You can affect the outcome. Register today:

27 AUG 2016
Wroclaw, Poland [P] :
Birmingham, UK :
Turku, Finland :

Denver, CO, USA [P] :
Portland, ME :
San Jose, Costa Rica :

24 SEP 2016
Singapore, Singapore [P] :
Mumbai, India :
Setouchi, Japan :
Macau, China :

Cologne, Germany [P] :
Granada, Spain :
Budapest, Hungary :

Toronto, Canada [P] :
St. Louis, MO :
Santiago, Chile :

XM Anomalies are free player events that bring together hundreds of Resistance and Enlightened Agents of all levels for an intense burst of walking, running, and biking gameplay.

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