#ViaLux Denver and San Jose M1, Portland M2 Snapshot Report

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#ViaLux Denver and San Jose M1, Portland M2 Snapshot Report

At Measurement 1, the Enlightened are pushing forward forcefully. In Denver, they are relying heavily on Flash Shards to build a defensible lead. Within the Cluster, both Factions performed roughly equally.

In Portland (at Measurement 2) the Resistance leveraged the Cluster Portals to their advantage to attempt to close the gap, while the Enlightened retained firm control of the Flash Shards.

In San Jose both the Shards and Cluster Portals are working towards an Enlightened advantage -- for now.

The Enlightened lead in Denver @M1: 252 to 148
The Enlightened lead in Portland @M2: 275 to 196
The Enlightened lead in San Jose @M1: 74 to 18

Find detailed and up-to-date scores at http://investigate.ingress.com/via-lux-scoreboard/
View detailed Shard Tracking information at: http://thrakazog.com/via_lux/

(This data represents a snapshot of the Anomaly taken at Measurement time. The Anomaly state may have evolved since this point in time.)