Awesome story!

Awesome story!


via Andrew Krug 

Originally shared by Tijs Born

Last night I drove out to take down some ENL fields that just came up. After a 20 minutes drive I took down the fields and stayed in surroundings for about 15 minutes.

Suddenly I received a Hangouts message from an ENL player with the question if my car had a towbar. The ENL player who helped to put up the fields got stuck over a ditch when he wanted to reverse his car back to town to put them up again. I immediately started the car and called the ENL player. I received his location through Hangouts and drove towards him.

When I arrived I saw his car hanging with two wheels above the ditch. My car was not strong enough to pull him on the road again so he called his insurance company to get a tow truck at location ASAP. There was a strong wind and it was very cold outside so I let the ENL player inside my warm car and we talked about the game and real-life.

Finally the tow truck arrived and the car was back on the road again. After the battery was recharged we drove back to our hometown. After a brief chat by the petrol station we went our separate ways back home, it was 1:30AM, time to sleep!

In-game we are enemies but we will help each other in situations like this if it's needed to!


Some comm messages I received:
"Strange, helping a frog out of the ditch."
"Hero, you're a great smurf!"
"We still need each other."
"In the game we play hard, but if we can help each other once we do that."

Anne Beuttenmüller​​
NIA Ops​​