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Tiered Mission Day Medals have arrived! Mission Days provide Agents the opportunity to discover a city. Mission Days provide Agents with the opportunity to learn about their own town or travel with friends to discover a new location. Starting today, if you attend more than one Mission Day you will be able to earn different Mission Day medals based on your participation.

Mission Day Medal tiers are defined as follows:
Bronze: 1
Silver: 3
Gold: 6
Platinum: 10
Onyx: 20

Past participation will be retroactive towards the new tiered medal system. Mission Day medals will not affect Agent leveling.

Keep an eye on our Mission Day listings here: http://www.ingress.com/events for an event near you. If you would like to get a Mission Day in your town you can apply here: http://www.ingress.com/missionday

It’s time to move and explore the world together.