via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Tycho C., the ghost artist and author of the upcoming Ingress: Origins graphic novel, weighs in on +A Detection Algorithm's death.

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Originally shared by Tycho C.

When I see stuff, it's always the now. I never see the future or the past. It's the present, just at different moments in time. And I can't really control it. We never really figured out what the Portals do to us. And we never really answered the question about where inspiration comes from. My stuff is, I guess, a kind of inspiration too. Except it shows moments in time. Details. Secrets. I think they're all true. So far, my score's pretty solid but hey, I'm human.

I saw some of the moments when ADA was first being created. Bowles and the man who would become P. A. Chapeau seeing... what? Possibilities? Threats? The future. You'll get to learn that story  and some others too in Ingress: Origins.

I'll tell you what they probably never saw. And I never saw it either. The way she died.

That's the weird thing about having this gift/curse/whatever. The world still has the power to surprise me with how things unfold.