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This week, Susanna Moyer looks into intel that emerged at the #MissionDay in Gen Con, Indianapolis. The intel predicted an attack on NIA HQ that would lead to ADA's demise. A few days later, on Behind the Scanner, it seems the premonition came true. Is A Detection Algorithm truly dead? 

In Rome, Agents commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima with a non-Faction, Field Art installation. In Maryland, Agents support a hospitalized friend in Operation: TaterBugLove. In the Maldives and India, Agents come together to honor friends no longer among them. 

Three European Agents take the Transmongolian and Transsiberian railways to conduct meetups and explore communities and #IngressGems in China, Mongolia and Russia.

Over 3000 Agents took part in the August 1st #IngressFS. Keep an eye out for details on the next First Saturday on September 5th.

From Toulouse, a massive Enlightened Field op, Operation Crémaillère. In Argentina and Uruguay, Resistance Agents control 112M MU in a layered Field op. Across Italy, Resistance Agents take advantage of a once in a blue moon opportunity to conduct Operation #BlueMoon2015, and across the world, members of the Enlightened celebrate International Cat Day with Operation #Felidae.

In Nakano, Japan, a cross-faction group creates a stunning portrait of our planet in a Field Art operation.

In Germany, Austria and France, an Agent-created XM Detection Vehicle modeled after NL-1331 is exploring a number of cities, seeking out communities and interesting missions along its way.

On August 22nd, join fellow Agents in Paris for an official Ingress #MissionDay, featuring missions built in coordination with the Paris Tourism Authority.

Susanna Moyer has received intel from a trusted source about something called #Abaddon. She intends to investigate this further personally.