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Susanna Moyer reports on the recent adventures of Ingress Agents from around the world.

In Paris, over 500 Agents meet to take part in the city's first official Ingress #MissionDay, exploring the area through 24 specially curated Missions.

In Finland, a Cross-Faction Operation create nearly 500 Links is a starburst formation. In Paris, Agents work together to create beautiful Penguin Field Art.

An NL-1331 inspired XM Detection Vehicle's tour comes to an end with meetups in Mannheim and Paris, and in Russia, Agents aboard the Trans-Siberian railway close their Ingress  journey across China, Mongolia and Russia with meetups in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Agent @pedroraf shares the story of another Ingress voyage, this one from the Netherlands to the Azores and back again.

Agents at the Burning Man Festival should be on the lookout for Portals emerging from the powerful concentration of inspiration and creativity in Black Rock City.

In India, Resistance Agents take on an ambitious Fielding Operation to celebrate their nation's independence day. In Tokyo, a dense Field-Op over the metropolitan area.

Enlightened Agents blanketed downtown Austin with a thick network of Links to launch Operation Moonshot, and in Sri Lanka, Agents fielded 90% of their nation's landmass in Operation Emerald Island II.

In Omagari, Japan, an L16 Resistance Agent creates a truly memorable Ingress fireworks display.

It has been over 2 weeks since A Detection Algorithm was last heard from. Klue S., Hank Johnson and the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs all weigh in on her absence, and Susanna's research into #Abaddon yields a cryptic tip. How is the original Niantic Project involved?

Ingress First Saturday (#IngressFS) events will take place around the world on September 5th. Details at ingress.com/events