Capturing portals 2150ft above sea level - Sounds like a fun trip! :-)

Capturing portals 2150ft above sea level - Sounds like a fun trip! :-)

Originally shared by Nikhil Samre

Operation : Mission Fortification of Gorakhgarh 
India's first Trekked OPS

Trek to Gorkhgard - DONE
Encounter a Snake on the trail - DONE
Cliffhanger Moments - DONE
Attacked by Swarm of Bees - DONE

Sitrep Starts :

After winning the #Recursion 02 anomaly it was time to do something new and unique.

Agent JimmyScorpZzz aka Kevin Sanghavi  who had visited Gorakhgarh fort last year told us about his submitted portal going live on top of the fort. We decided to do India's first ever trekking ops to capture the portal which is 2150ft above sea level. The date chosen was 23rd Feb and the plan was to capture the portal and do Random Linking wherever possible. 

The journey began early morning with agent SupremeKai (me) catching 4:04 am train to Dadar from Vasai where he met agents DanRX8, JoyMadMax, Cliffton and RV69.  We caught 6 am train towards Kalyan from Dadar, agent JimmyScorpZzz joined us at  Vidyavihar station. 
After reaching Kalyan we had our breakfast near the station. 

The ops had already started. We upgraded the portal 'Guardian Angel of Kalyan' and JimmyScorpZzz loaded to find which link was possible. The scanner showed Palais d'Udaipur in range.

The next stop was Murbad, we left Kalyan to Murbad in a mini bus which took 1 hour to reach.  The fun part began after we caught a state transport(S.T.) bus from Murbad to Dehari village which is at the base of Gorakhgarh fort. The journey towards the base village was bumpier than any rollercoaster. A small video of the journey is attached.

After a hour or so we reached Dehari village at around 10-10:30 am. We started our way up towards the fort after taking enough water bottles and bananas to eat. 

The climb starts from behind a temple at the base village. Walk towards the base of the peak of Gorakhgarh took us around one and a half hour. The journey way up was exhausting but was equally beautiful and breath taking. A small snake welcomed us as we were walking towards the fort. 

We reached the base of the fort at around 12 pm where we waited for some time, took photos. 
The portal was was still 120 m away and needed another steep climb of about 30-40 ft to reach the caves above where the portal was waiting to get captured. We started our climb very cautiously. The climb took about half an hour as we reached the top at around 12:45 pm. 

When we reached near the portal is when disaster struck as the internet network at the top was weak. DanRX8’s network gave up, Cliffton and JimmyScorpZzz were having difficulty getting GPS lock. You can see the photos where they were trying to get GPS lock with their phones held high and a 2000 ft cliff on the right. 

With only SupremeKai and RV69's network working properly both deployed and captured the portal. In the meantime Cliffton managed to get network and more importantly the portal in range. RV69 then linked to 2 portals in Kalyan and made small field. RV69 linked to Udaipur again from the portal and made a huge field. Cliffton was having fun and linked to random portals in Nashik. Some of them resulted in control fields. 

The agents then made a makeshift flag using resistance T-shirt and hoisted it to mark our successful capture and fortification of Gorakhgarh fort(video attached). 
We then rested in the cool caves for sometime. Had some refreshments and started climbing down. The climb down was much more scarier than climbing up. With steep slopes every step was crucial.  As we were climbing down suddenly a swarm of honey bees started buzzing over our head, we were just half way through the climb and had to duck down and stay calm for 1 minute for the bees to go. That was one of  the scariest thing you can encounter while trekking. 

We came back down at the base of the peak by 3:30 pm. Everyone was hungry after the difficult climb and needed something to eat badly. We ate bread and jam and started our way back to base village. With shaky legs and very little water we reached at the base village at around 5 pm. 

From the base village Dehari we caught ST bus to Murbad, from Murbad we reached Kalyan station at around 8:45 pm. 
The ops was still on. After reaching Kalyan we again linked randomly to portals in Vasai with agent JimmyScorpZzz making the last control field of the ops at kalyan station and thus ending a unique, adventures and eventful ops for Resistance India. 

Agents then caught already late train towards CST from Kalyan and reached Dadar around 10:45 pm. Agent JimmyScorpZzz got down at Ghatkopar station while others got down at Dadar where agents Cliffton, JoyMadMax and RV69 left for home. For agents DanRX8 and SupremeKai it was still an hour journey by another local train from Dadar towards Virar. DanRX8 got down at Bhayandar and after another 1 station SupremeKai got down at Vasai reaching home at around 12:30 am. From 4 am to 12:30 am it was a whole 20-21 hours of journey to capture just 1 portal. 

One of the most memorable trek and ops in Ingress history. 

Thank You.
Agent JimmyScorpZzz  Kevin Sanghavi 
Agent cliffton  Cliffton Fernandes 
Agent JoyMadMax   JOYSON D'SOUZA 
Agent DanRX8  Daniel Fernandes 
Agent RV69  Rohil Visariya 
Agent SupremeKai  Nikhil Samre (me)

Agent ShankyNirvana Shashank Jain on intel

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