More on Op Aurora Borealis. Go Enlightened! :-)

More on Op Aurora Borealis. Go Enlightened! :-)

Originally shared by Lighthouse

#Ingress  Field Report
Operation: Aurora Borealis
Objective: Join the Northern Realms under natural XM fields
Status: Success! 
Mind units united: 55 Million MU (estimated)
Area:  4 210 000 km²  (approx)
Like a reflection of the solar flares, there are times when the earth itself has flashes of green light across the sky. The ancient civilizations looked at this natural phenomenon not in fear, but wonder. Only now are we beginning to understand the the nature of exotic matter (XM) and how it has affected us through history.
The Latin term “aurora” is found common in all the languages of the Northern Realms. 
In Russian, Severnoye Siyaniye means Northern shining. In Finnish its Aamurusko or Revontulet
for Aurora or Nordic light. Nordlys in Norwegian, Aurora in Swedish. A uniting natural phenomenon amongst so many different cultures. There is something in the sky that brings us together in peaceful amazement.
We want to share this feeling with all the truthseekers. We want them to know that its safe to observe our world and not fear things without a substantiated reason. The forces of the universe have shaped us, whether they be natural or or something we have yet to fully understand. But we soon will. The operatives of Aurora Borealis sacrificed much to be a #Lighthouse  to all the people of the North. We stand tall in support of those agents in #Recursion   India and dedicate these newly enlightened minds to the future of XM research and equality.
 XM for all!

Brian Rose  Archit Bhargava  John Hanke  flint dille  John Zuur Platten  
#auroraborealis   #Enlightened  

Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway

Thanks to the following agents for making Op: Aurora Borealis possible:
@KannaEst @softwhere @Torquatus @elmorro @Qtex1337 @AdrianGajewsky @Fischtreu @threethreethree @altlinux @Overlion @dim2k @Girt @roykil @IamSnah @KuzMax @Kisulainen @panserpung @vmkazakoff @tallukka @arwyl @filx @MT81@3BOK @oh3fwg @minimila @WilSoN684 @ymy @LaFumar @mustnotsu @Kauri @upstreamfish @samikk @Mehlvin @Ank0 @Fladder @urytrbyni @Sircu @fornit @gunnii @FroViking @Parklake @fr32k @Stealmwood @ed1k @SchOX @sprw @munarebu @Muukis @ephemer @behydro @CocoSteel @GintsMurans @ilyich @meridee @Re5pect @donkeywe @Daimyo @PretenderNr1 @BlackAvenger @oh2gve @Archawka @Vaeltaja @Pahon @Vicinext @Helheim @minkika @N1ru @Ronde @Ult @marcouver @VAT3CR79 @Rapido @Zael @PQswede @lumiwolf @DTGtech @GrackHack @toHitAcZero @oh8kvu @Vells @BlackFx @Gkaar @Yuuki @Lattesh @MuchMads @flowery @mrslehtinen @Apthar @Pashun @Zybastik21 @Bandrall @pandra @jashka34 @inye @Duuda @ilerien @molokai @vicis @KonnZilla @mrlehtinen @Maiznieks @Arn1s @MsElegy @tonyko @murcat @GirtsL @Krauser @Dirtfisher @Inye @AgenttiX @Superkissa @K3ndu @Bebrs @SanderU @Leomwa @Frigg @DrFredrik @AndyAbdy @wowwi @WhiteNoise @twister1983 @oyoy @R2D2NOR @Subvertz @sumburno @MT81 @Damork @neodust @parmuke @ketz @Zasranka @Ispacca @GIRT @BloodyHairyMary @oh4kpn @soomaalane @Lohis @ayito @ZuluFoxtrot @Slnet @SRSTali @TbagTOS @Jahka @Madcain @kaytame @Kultsipupu @voroshilovets @mindemaarit @midaiganes @ulltrax @neo37 @Krasnoe @deneor @VesaL @pxd @wail8 @Kirtim
+many more faithful Enlightened 
Central Russia executed by Team Vega, separate report "Empathy and Understanding" to follow