Spotlight on India #IngressReport

Spotlight on India #IngressReport

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Glyphs Emerge on Scanner Devices | INGRESS REPORT - EP47 is now live:

0:24 Shaper Glyph Sequences yield hacking and speed bonuses
1:01 Resistance capture #Recursion 02 in Bangalore, India
1:41 #Recursion 02 Anomaly values per city
1:59 XM Artifact 01 "Creativity" moved to St. Augustine, FL (currently Winder, GA)
2:44 XM Artifact 02 "Destiny" moved to Bangalore, India (currently Mahabaleshwar, India)
3:04 Klue S. to travel to #Recursion - Nashville on March 1
3:17 Body in Las Vegas identified
3:31 Resistance defend 2 billion Mind Units through Operation #Insurrection

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  1. Lol..I wonder if the LA police would start an actual investigation if they saw this video.


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