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NIA intelligence operatives have confirmed the following persons of interest will be traveling to XM Anomaly events on the weekend of July 28th, 2018. Surveillance footage of Carrie Campbell showed her purchasing a plane ticket to San Diego, California. We have confirmed, through various methods, that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has a hotel reservation in Warsaw, Poland. Lastly, Hank Johnson was spotted at a Japanese Consulate confirming travel plans to Sapporo.

July 28:
Boston, MA, USA -
Malé, Maldives -
Marseille, France -
San Diego, CA, USA -
Sapporo, Japan -
Warsaw, Poland -

August 25:
Philadelphia, PA, USA -
Linz, Austria -
Singapore -
Vancouver, BC, Canada -
Riga, Latvia -
Incheon, South Korea -