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In 2012, the Niantic Project engaged in a revolutionary experiment. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe conducted a routine test on a new XM construct: The Power Cube. For reasons that remain unknown, it destabilized, bathing the Niantic Project research facility in XM.

For one night, the Niantic Researchers, a diverse group of artists and scientists, experienced a heightened flood of awareness and insight. An Epiphany Night. What caused that event? And could it be caused again? Driven by the creative energy of Ingress Agents, a new Epiphany Night looms.

On May 25 - 27, 2018, agents will come together to create, to explore, to reinvent — and to discover the consequences. What will you see, when the XM clears your vision? Registration for the general public is open on a first come first served basis.

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