Congratulations, RES 🙂

Congratulations, RES 🙂

Originally shared by Ingress

Congratulations to the Resistance, who have won the #DarkXMCure event, 55 to 75. Incredible work by all who participated, but the Resistance Agents across the globe and in coordinated clusters of cities everywhere truly outshone their opponents.

Looking at the final scorecard, it's clear the Resistance worked hard to establish a lead early on, and then they kept the pressure high each consecutive day.

By successfully crowdsourcing the Global Portal Captures, they won 3 of the 4 Global Operation -- contributing a valuable 15 of the 20 point winning delta.

While the Enlightened held strong till the end, matching the Resistance city for city in the Phase Two Link Creation challenge on Day 4, and also dominating the Shard Operation in Fukuoka, the losses incurred on Days 2 and 3 of the event were too significant to be overcome.

The adventures catalogued on the #DarkXMCure speak the rest...

To all who joined this important mission -- who coordinated across the distances, braved the cold or the heat, farmed, cleared, captured, threw Links, strategized, operated and celebrated each incremental victory: Well done.