I'm sitting awake, watching the final #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies kick off -- manically refreshing PAC's scoreboard...

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I'm sitting awake, watching the final #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies kick off -- manically refreshing PAC's scoreboard at http://bit.ly/13mrscore -- but can't get this mystery out of my mind:

Here in Washington, where laws are made to protect yet no one is safe, a man was found dead. In the early morning of September 9th, Ken Owen’s body was found by a passerby by a sculpture at the Kennedy Center, almost exactly where Roland Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe had their fateful Cassandra showdown just a few years ago.

It is easy to conclude that whoever killed him was sending a message. But what did they want to say? And to whom? Ken Owens, known as the foremost master of PR spin, was hired by various agencies, companies, and universities, but most notably for none other than the NIA. The body is said to have 5 bullet holes, official documentation from the coroner has not been forthcoming.

Agents, I need your help. If you have any insight into who pulled the trigger on Ken Owen, find me in Washington D.C. and share it in person. Right now, I am only looking for the triggerman (or woman). That will lead us to the actual killer.

Here’s some of what I know:


Ken Owen: Beltway P.R. Flack. Owen was a ‘spinmaster’ extraordinaire. If a corporation, person, nation or government agency had a sudden P.R. problem, they hired Ken Owen. His specialty was to fog the issue, get out the facts if they were good for the client, hide the facts if they were bad for the client, attack the credibility of his opponents. Ken Owen was a library of dirty information which he would use strategically to control news cycles. If he wanted to get his client out of the spin cycle, he’d drop some dirt on somebody else. He protected a lot of people and he damaged a lot of people. He made a lot of enemies. He knew where the ‘bodies were buried’, and that might have gotten him killed.


Avril Lorazon: Acting co-head of IQTech. The NIA and IQTech have a long and complex relationship. Calvin revolving doored to IQTech after the Niantic Calamity. Most recently, IQTech and the NIA have been struggling over ownership of NL 1331 -- not to mention the power struggle between Akira Tsukasa and Lorazon. Is it possible that one of these battles went kinetic?

Antione Smith: Deadly Operative for Hulong Transglobal (technically Strategic Explorations -- but we all know that’s a corporate shell game). I first encountered this Caribbean born operative in Africa when he was involved in the exploitation of conflict metals (this is chronicled in Thomas Greanias’ THE ALIGNMENT: INGRESS.) His partner, I believe his name was Chow was, the first person I’d known to die of XM poisoning. Smith was spotted in Washington D.C. on the night before Ken Owen was killed. D.C. is off his beat. Why was he here?

Claudia Glas: Visur covert operative. Also believed to have been in Washington D.C. at the time of the killing. Visur has been quiet. What was one of their killers doing in D.C.? Something is going on and I want to know what. Like Smith, she had opportunity, but means and motive are unknown.

Hubert Farlowe: Worked freelance security during Niantic Project. Current whereabouts unknown. He only makes this list because of an anonymous tip I received that stated, ‘It was Farlowe.’ He certainly knew Ken Owens from Niantic days, but that was a long time ago. Why Farlowe? Why now? Farlowe and Devra are known to have had a history. They have a bond… the guy considers himself her guardian angel for some reason. I tried to contact her, but she has not responded.

855: He is on the list because he is a master of the professional kill and staged assassination. It is no accident that Ken Owen’s body was found where it was. This smells like 855. And, if you remember, 855 was mind-hacked by ADA at one point. Is she tied into this somewhere? Or did somebody take out a contract on Ken Owen?

Jay Phillips: Acting head of the NIA. I save him for last because he had extreme opportunity. He worked with Owen. He hired Owen at the NIA. What could the motive have been? Why now? It should be borne in mind that Phillips ran the ‘clean up’ operation after the Niantic Project. Did he have more clean-up to do?