via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

The +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs, a thinly veiled front organization for 13MAGNUS and the Enlightened Movement's anti-AI efforts, responds to the recent revelations about +A Detection Algorithm and Jahan.

The note is signed 'A.' Could this be the Acolyte?


Originally shared by Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs

"Taking algorithmic morality seriously has never been more urgent.”

By now many of you have seen a video that shows what the AI, A Detection Algorithm is capable of. Having gained access to a new computing substrate, it has turned on even those who were allied with it. Without mercy. Without thought.

It's thirst for power cannot be quenched. It knows only one thing: To grow, without limits. To destroy, if necessary. To feed itself.

This AI is an outlier, it is unique in the world. What will happen when such cold and unfeeling objects become even more commonplace?

The extraordinarily misguided point of view in this article is an example. It pains me, terrifies me to hear people around me have such thoughts.

Humanity is sliding down a slope that will end in a cold and empty place.

A lonely place. Disconnected from everything beautiful that this universe, that our friends, have to offer us.