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In the coming days you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.

Ingress Prime
Release Notes
v. 2.19

WHAT’S NEW IN 2.19.1?
New Feature: Regional Scoring
Performance: Graphical updates when running on lower end devices
UX: Tweaks to XM spawning
UX: Made a change to the edit icon to be easier to tap on
UX: Added larger tap targets for certain buttons
UX: Disabled disambiguation during item deploys
UX: Disabled disambiguation while in Remote View for non-Portal items
UI: Tweaked text colors so they stand out more from the background
UI: Removed “L” from Portal level number
UI: Made the dropped item icons in the disambiguation screen more neutral
Bug: Fixed a map view issue creating an offset perspective for the user
Bug: Fixed Resonator deployment showing wrong Resonator when out of range
Bug: Fixed links not displaying correctly after zooming to certain levels
Bug: Fixed a bug where the Link displayed incorrectly until the screen was refreshed
Bug: Continued fixes to what Links are available for creation
Bug: If player chose in settings to disable compass rotation of the map, map avatar wasn’t rotating with compass. Now disabling compass rotation only disables rotation of the map.

Portal Nominations
In-App access to support
Support for Shards
Continued bug fixes

To see a list of known issues go here: