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We have two updates to the Operation Portal Recon (OPR) system we are implementing today relating to Agent contributions within the system.

First, many of you have asked whether an Agent would be able to retake the OPR training test a third time after two unsuccessful attempts. Starting today, Agents who have failed the training test twice will now be able to take it a third and final time. Be sure to study the OPR Help site and Candidate Action Guide so you are well prepared:

Additionally, there will be a new option for Agents who may have found that their OPR performance has slipped into the “poor” category. In general, we would advise you to slow down and analyze every submission on the merit of its Candidate Portal criteria. Please take the time to re-evaluate how you are analyzing candidates based on that criteria, as your performance may decrease if abuse of OPR is detected. If, after evaluating and changing your behavior, you still find yourself being rated as “poor”, you will now have a one-time opportunity to take a refresher quiz. If you pass, your performance will be reset to “good” one time only. If you are not successful, you may still review Portal submissions but your rating will remain as “poor”.