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We have received intelligence about three hundred (300) special Portals around the world. They appeared to be associated with the upcoming Dark XM Beacon operation occurring in Tokyo this weekend. A file containing information about these Portals was stolen from a secret Hulong database. We are currently in the process of decrypting it fully.

What we know so far is that the list contains pictures of active Portals in the global Portal Network. We suspect that hacking these Portals will reveal a Passcode, which if redeemed will help to unlock the location of one Dark XM Beacon for an Agent on the ground in Tokyo during the operation on Saturday. We can confirm that each Passcode can only be redeemed once.

As we decrypt the information, we will be releasing the Portal images in three (3) batches. Each batch of information will contain one hundred (100) Portals per region. Meaning, there will be a list of 100 Portal pictures for the Asia/Pacific (APAC) region, another 100 Portal pictures for Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and a final release of information containing 100 Portal pictures for the Americas (AMER).

The Portals must be hacked and the Passcodes must be recovered and redeemed within eight (8) hours of their release. There is a yet unknown mechanism that will cause the Passcodes to expire and not be hackable after 8 hours of publishing each list.

If you’ll be in Tokyo this weekend you can learn more about the Dark XM Beacon operation here:

Stand by for first release....