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Agents, Carrie Campbell is counting on Agents around the world to help with her research today. Phase 1 of today’s Anomaly involved controlling Portals in order to capture and study a potentially dangerous XM Signal. It seems the Enlightened emerged from the gate with victory (and perhaps Carrie Campbell’s famous journal) in their sights... They started the day strong across the Asian region, dominating the Anomaly Zone and Volatile Portals in both Sapporo and Malé.

At the end of Phase 1, the Enlightened lead 75.48 to 24.52 in Sapporo, and 63.68 to 36.32 in Malé.

The next Phase -- transporting the XM data to specialized Research Nodes using XM Shards -- begins in just under 30 minutes.

Follow the score live at investigate.ingress.com

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