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Phase 2 -- the transport of vital data to Research Node Portals using XM Shards -- is complete in San Diego and Boston.

The Enlightened, already ascendent at both American region sites during Phase 1, continued their upward trajectory.

At the end of Phase 2, the Enlightened lead San Diego 166.24 to 33.76 and Boston 154.44 to 45.56.

Phase 3, the distribution of a prototype counter-signal to the local Anomaly Zone using Link Starbursts, will begin in just under 30 minutes.

The Resistance have a lot of ground to make up across the region... They will need to excel in Phase 3 and also rely on both Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks (measured over the course of the entire Anomaly) and Prime Ops to cut into the Enlightened lead.

You can see live scoring at investigate.ingress.com

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