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We’ll be kicking off a new monthly challenge to test your field art and linking skills which will have a direct impact on Niantic research. Each month we will announce a Glyph that we need to analyze. We are asking for your help in performing this analysis. Create the Glyph using links and fields, take a screenshot of it, and share it on Google+ using the hashtag #GlyphChallenge.

This month, we are asking Agents to create the “All” Glyph during the weekend of July 6-7 for the first #GlyphChallenge. Help us with this research and exceptional works of art will receive a passcode for items that can be shared among the players that helped you create the Glyph.


  1. The push notification from earlier said 6-8. Which one is right?

  2. Nvm. Original post edited to show 6-8.


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