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Through our intelligence gathering efforts, we have learned that P.A. Chapeau will be appearing at the Camp Navarro Epiphany Night event. Messages have also been intercepted from an Oliver Lynton-Wolfe stating their intent to appear. However, they seem to be emanating from beyond our universe. The anomalous nature of Camp Navarro indicates that multiple universes may be able to access this location. Sources indicate that the current head of the NIA, explorer Hank Johnson, as well as the Enlightened spiritual leader, the Acolyte, will be present at Epiphany Night in Schloss Kaltenberg. A great mystery surrounds an 'alternate universe theory' which has been code-named OSIRIS -- it is likely both Johnson and the Acolyte will be attempting to learn more, using the events and Agents at Epiphany Night to assist them.

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