So begins life in the monkey suit.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

So begins life in the monkey suit.

Agents, some of my associates from the Niantic Project (as well as a few other luminaries) are headed to San Francisco.

I'm headed the other direction -- have to make a business trip to Shanghai to... renegotiate terms... on some of the NIA's dealings there.

I'll be routing through Taipei. Seeing things through the optic of every secret this cavernous old Agency has -- I'm realizing that #EXO5 is something beyond what we understood or imagined.

When Pandora's box opened at Niantic, a process began. And every process ultimately leads to something. Can't say much more or my new bosses might decide to terminate my contract early.

But I will be sharing some other important news in the coming days, so keep an ear open on that front.

See you in Taipei Agents.