I was surprised by how many of the Niantic Project members I saw at Calvin's memorial.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

I was surprised by how many of the Niantic Project members I saw at Calvin's memorial.

I had suspected most would never forgive him for what we learned during Abaddon. But I guess the flipside was that he was the one who brought us together. Made us special. Helped us discover our roles, our Archetypes and so much more.

Many of them had interesting things to say about Calvin -- and I'll cover those another time -- today I have something more important to share.

Met Devra there. It turns out one of the reasons she has been planning to go to Berlin is that she's presenting some new research at a conference there.

She began to notice some strange going-ons in her old Niantic era scanner -- one of Lynton-Wolfe's originals.

She started doing some digging and has a pretty compelling theory about how a number of things tie together: November Lima, the Scanner, the Niantic Facility, the Exogenous... all of it.

She's even convinced that the Operation: Essex hosted RPE in Boulder tomorrow night is involved somehow... (I am a bit concerned about this -- last I heard they were probing concepts like Exogenous Forces and Anti-Archetypes... things I personally have found too dangerous to explore.)

Calvin's death has Devra spooked, though. She's placed her research in trust... it is to be given to the winner of the Anomalies worldwide on Saturday as a backup -- just in case something happens to her. I suspect Farlowe will be watching over her though -- so hopefully she stays safe.

As for me, got an interesting call... I might be swinging by an old NIA facility in Houston while I'm down there for the Anomaly. Was invited to a very unusual sounding meeting. More when I see you all in Houston.

I did spot PAC at the funeral. He was keeping his distance, but I told him not to bother. It wasn't a large crowd, and no-one there bears him any particular ill will. He's pretty convinced a lot of the war in Washington traces back to Akira... I'm not so sure myself, but he said he would do some digging while he's in Japan.

Let's see what he turns up.