It is with great sadness that I confirm the death of Zeke Calvin and Jay Phillips in an explosion at a Niantic...

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

It is with great sadness that I confirm the death of Zeke Calvin and Jay Phillips in an explosion at a Niantic Offsite Facility on Friday, October 27th. The source of the explosion is unclear -- if it was a bomb it is not known who delivered or planted it, if it was perhaps a projectile explosive, its source is not known. The truth will emerge. The guilty will be found.

I want to take this moment to say a few words about Zeke. The wound is fresh and I will have more to say later, at his memorial service, which is yet to be scheduled pending ongoing investigation.

I talked to Zeke several times after the murder of Ken Owens. He knew that his life was at risk. I told him to keep his head down, but Zeke was Zeke. He wasn’t one to hide. Even when he told me he was going to what turned out to be the fateful meeting, he knew that there was a good opportunity for things to go bad. He could have been killed. He might have been arrested, or set up, or something else. He went. Because his role at the head of the company -- a role he had re-assumed just a few days before -- demanded it. He died fulfilling that role.

As you know, it was Ezekiel Calvin who plucked me from obscurity as a grad student and sent me to study an mysterious historical group known as 13MAGNUS. Zeke saw things that others don’t see. It was Zeke who got me into Special Operations, knowing that if I was going to carry on my investigations, I was going to need skills and an alibi. It was Zeke who came in after my 'death' at the Afghan Anomaly and it was Zeke who truly envisioned and started what became The Niantic Project. I could go on. And, in time I will.

Let me just say that I miss him and always will, and I will hunt for those responsible.

I’d also like to say a word about Jay Phillips. He stalwartly carried out the duties of running the National Intelligence Agency when Yuen Ni abruptly jumped ship to Hulong after the disastrous 'Niantic Calamity.' It was not an easy job.