Woohoo!! Can't wait!

Woohoo!! Can't wait!

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The events of #13MAGNUSReawakens XM Anomaly will start to unfold in three days. Are you ready? It is not too late to register.

26 AUG 2017
Nantes, France: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSNantes
Basel, Switzerland: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSBasel
Szczecin, Poland: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSSzczecin
Brisbane, Australia: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSBrisbane
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSPetalingJaya
Macau, China: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSMacau
Ann Arbor, MI, USA: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSAnnArbor
Nashville, TN, USA: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSNashville
Portland, OR, USA: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSPortland

23 SEP 2017
Stockholm, Sweden: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSStockholm
Ljubljana, Slovenia: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSLjubljana
Turin, Italy: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSTurin
Seoul, Korea: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSSeoul
Galle, Sri Lanka: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSGalle
Bali, Indonesia: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSBali
Washington D.C., USA: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSWashington
Belo Horizonte, Brazil: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSBelo
Kansas City, MO, USA: http://nian.tc/13MAGNUSKansasCity