With a score of 248 to 52, the Resistance win Basel.

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With a score of 248 to 52, the Resistance win Basel.

211 to 89, the Enlightened win Nantes.

Szczecin is more complicated.
Due to a previously unencountered phenomenon with a Shard Target Portal (a phenomenon codenamed ‘Schrodinger's Target’), the NIA Gamemasters are not able to confidently determine the fate of a single Shard — which, with a value of 18, could change the true victor of the site.

The scores themselves are within 0.83 points for a tie on either side — too close to call in the absence of confident Measurement data. As a result, the following will unfold to determine Szczecin’s winner:

The 1 Series point for Szczecin will be withheld. A new bonus point will be made available on September 23rd, and the Szczecin POCs (Point of Contact Agents) for each Faction will select a proxy site from the September 23rd Anomalies:

These sites will be the heroes for Szczecin’s proxy battle. The Szczecin POCs will have 48 hours to present their chosen hero site, during which time they may coordinate as needed to pick the best hero for them.

These two sites will be measured against each other on September 23rd:
The Resistance Anomaly Score for the Resistance hero site vs. the Enlightened Anomaly Score for the Enlightened hero site.

The winner will determine how the 1 Anomaly Point for Szczecin is assigned.

As #13MagnusReawakens comes to an end in Europe, the series score currently stands 3 to 2 with the Enlightened leading, and 1 point (for Szczecin) in flux.


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