One month from now #13MAGNUSReawakens will kick off. Have you registered yet?

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One month from now #13MAGNUSReawakens will kick off. Have you registered yet?

Registration for 26 AUG 2017
Nantes, France:
Basel, Switzerland:
Szczecin, Poland:
Brisbane, Australia:
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia:
Macau, China:
Ann Arbor, MI, USA:
Nashville, TN, USA:
Portland, OR, USA:

Registration for 23 SEP 2017
Stockholm, Sweden:
Ljubljana, Slovenia:
Turin, Italy:
Seoul, Korea:
Galle, Sri Lanka:
Bali, Indonesia:
Washington D.C., USA:
Belo Horizonte, Brazil:
Kansas City, MO, USA:

Please note there will be a change to the way Anomaly medals are distributed. Supporter Kits will include a collectible Anomaly medal card. However, the medal card will not contain a redeemable code. All in-app medals will be pushed to scanners automatically after the Anomaly. On-Site medals will be processed within days while off-site medals may take several weeks.

Niantic recommends contacting your faction’s event city POC from this list to coordinate further on-site or off-site activities:

XM Anomalies are free player events that bring together hundreds of Resistance and Enlightened Agents of all levels for an intense burst of walking, running, and biking gameplay.

For questions about the Anomaly or how to pick up your Supporter Kit or to understand who is eligible for a medal check out the 13MAGNUS Reawakens FAQ:


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