My meeting with Jahan didn't happen by chance.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

My meeting with Jahan didn't happen by chance. I think the details of it are even more pertinent given the recent conversations posted by PAC between Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips.

It involved use of a Prime Object not unlike the Shonin Stone. I did so under instruction of Jahan and with trepidation. (In inheriting the Azmati Family’s collection of Prime Objects, traded and stolen over centuries, I inherited a set of very powerful objects that don’t come with instruction manuals or FAQ sheets. Unfortunately, Jahan knows this catalog better than I do.)

It happened as follows: Jahan contacted me and suggested that we meet. As I am still being followed by unknown organizations with unknown intentions and Jahan is experiencing the same -- and as Jahan herself is dubious ally, we agreed to meet in a neutral zone.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Our agreed meeting place was Jahan’s palace a millennia ago -- before it was taken over by her family. On a video conference, she explained how to use the artifact and we set our coordinates in a way I will not explain here for obvious reasons.

Instantly, we were in a scriptorium that would become Jahan’s library, where we have been before, at a time I would estimate as around 1200 AD.

After a cordial greeting, she showed me a scroll filled with odd drawings of what appeared to be blue and green genii or demons from an unknown mythology. She traced for me how some of these memories evolved -- becoming one with native cultures through legend, folklore and myth. She explained that what I saw in the scroll were the true 'Exogenous Entities.'

"Why have these things appeared throughout history?" She believes that the events in the future may bring about a return of an Exogenous era.

It is something she is preparing for. It is now a possibility I am aware of as well.