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Going to the Mission Day in Taipei? Find the amazing artist +Miho S and you'll get a limited edition and unique souvenir. 

Originally shared by Miho S

📣Postcard for Mission Day Taipei has arrived today!📣

I'll bring 100 pcs of this postcards and join to ingress Missionday in Taipei. postcards with my latest artwork are little souvenir for every Ingress Agents who could found me. please look for me and talk to me at the place for check in or somewhere on mission route.
I wish to give this postcards many Ingress Agents as possible, please take one postcard per an Agent.
thank you!

(🚩most high probability of Miho_S appearing is "臺北旅行廣場" before noon on that day)
🌟Not so many, but I'll bring some bio cards too🌟


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