The #FateOfThe13 event has ended.

Originally shared by Ingress

The #FateOfThe13 event has ended. The Enlightened have managed to capture 12 of the 13 researchers. The fate of one researcher, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, will not be determined by either faction and remain the same.

In all, there were 91 Shards and 58 Regional Targets. Shards touched ~1500 Portals globally. The longest Link was made by the Resistance at 6334 km. Shards traveled ~700,000 km during the 6-week event which is almost one round trip to the moon and back.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and made this event successful. We would like to send special thanks to the cross-faction group that supported corrective actions when they were needed. Another group of players we would like to thank were the Trusted Reporters who helped escalate TOS violations to be researched and addressed faster.

The Enlightened have a lot to ponder. Which of the established researchers will remain and which will have their archetype replaced by someone else. The process for moving forward will be revealed in the coming weeks to allow for the Enlightened to discuss what will happen. This responsibility should not be taken lightly.

How will this impact Magnus Reawakens? Only time will tell.