SCOOP Trail 2017

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SCOOP Trail 2017

The SCOOP X INGRESS Race is an Amazing Race-styled event that was held in collaboration between Singapore National Co-operative Federation Ltd (SNCF), Singapore Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) and the Singapore Ingress communities on 11 March 2017.

Our primary goal of increasing the awareness of co-operatives in Singapore was achieved with close to 300 new and existing Ingress players competing for prizes worth a total of S$5,000.

We would like to thank all participants for your attendance and hope that you found the trail informative and worthwhile. At the same time, we would like to thank SNCF (Singapore National Co-operative Federation) and SCOGA for the strong partnership and for hosting this event. Also, the strong support shown by Niantic and Hilda Leung during the drawing up of the plan are greatly appreciated.

A big shoutout to all the volunteers for helping with various aspect of the event, such as designs, swags, logistic, and registration. You guys were a great group and your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make this event both productive and fun.

Attached in this post are the photos taken during SCOOP Trail 2017. Enjoy and see you at the next xFaction Event! Congratulation to all the winners of SCOOP Trail 2017 once again!

Best regards from the planning team,
Aidan Png Advent9thPlayer TheLegend Joanne Koh Gabriel Lim

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Ingress Haerang Dong Andrew Krug John Hanke Masashi Kawashima Kento Suga Matilde Tusberti Anne Beuttenmüller Pooja Srinivas

Photo credits: Nash Teh & Alex Yeo