Forgive me for my sporadic communication over the last two months.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Forgive me for my sporadic communication over the last two months. By now it is well known that I was in New Zealand studying Maori history and legends... and some uncannily interesting brewery products.

Yes. At one level that’s a joke. At another level, I am not ruling out that there could have been a Tecthulhu that revealed secrets of cooking or brewing or something similar. It's a funny thought, but as I said, I am not ruling it out... just saying it's possible. Think of how a Tecthulhu summons the senses. Think also, about the term, 'spirits.' Food (and drink) for thought.

As you well know, one of my interests as an archeologist is the unique connection between the past and present. At this moment, I am in search of evidence of what we've been calling 'The Exogenous Era’. It is theoretically a period of time when it is possible that the Exogenous intelligences (the Shapers, the N'zeer) were directly present among us. In passing, I am quite fascinated by the theories advanced on this by some members of the Essex community.

Simultaneously, I've been following up leads on the whereabouts of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe...

In passing, let me say that locating and penetrating the Jörmungandr facility underneath Buenos Aires was one of the most difficult things I have yet accomplished. It was guarded by an unknown group of aquatic mercenaries who seemed to be well prepared for me. I will write about it one day.

While I was unable to harvest any of the secrets of that location, I was able to explore it and have come to the conclusion that Lynton-Wolfe has not been present there since the meeting described in the Howcraft document and corroborated by later actions.

I am not able to speculate on his motives or whether Susanna Moyer was a willing and informed participant or whether she was either deceived or coerced.

That is a mystery to be solved on another day by other people, though there is much to tell about my next journey.