Much time has passed.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Much time has passed. I've been working on these journal entries for a while... as usual, I have delayed posting them to protect the locations of my travels.

Unfortunately I have little time for rudimentary briefing, this entry will therefore be hard for the novice to understand. I am contemplating an episode of Nomad to walk through it.

As is becoming obvious, many groups are attempting to unlock the information that Jahan asked me to seek. Ironically, I suspect much of it is in the Howcraft document -- many of you have read that by this point.

To put it simply, the mission I am on is to discover the true nature of a MAGNUS -- especially now that a Tecthulhu has been introduced into the world. At this juncture, the world knows some new things, but MAGNUSES remain an object of mystery -- their purpose, their power, their rules.

This is the enigma I have been working to uncover, if not fully then in fragments.

It is commonly believed that 13MAGNUSES and ANTI-MAGNUSES have been formed in history, several times that we know of and probably several times that we were unaware of. Recently, I infiltrated an ANTI-MAGNUS Nest with the aid of a Prime Object. I will not reveal its location, for not only did I break many laws, but the knowledge of a Nest is a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Suffice to say, it was very ancient.

The Nest was similar in construction to ABADN in that it was 13 niches that seemed like graves fanned out around a central point. This one contained a great deal of carving and ornamentation which looked eerily like ADA’s symbol, but I might be interpreting the data with bias, so do not build too much on that.

The corpses in this MAGNUS were rotted and thus I can only suspect that the chamber was somehow violated. I know not whether this violation came from Indigenous (Earthly) forces or Exogenous forces. Interestingly, there was no obvious sign of battle or desecration. And, most interestingly, there were what looked like the beginnings of a plan for a Tecthulhu.

In context, I have to assume that like the Vesuvian MAGNUS, who I believe also attempted a Tecthulhu , this MAGNUS had failed -- perhaps with terrible consequences.

More to follow...