The Dark Road, #ViaNoir, has led to this moment.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

The Dark Road, #ViaNoir, has led to this moment.

The beast that dwells in the darkness. A machine of immense power, and where there is immense power... what's the saying? Great power corrupts?

I called this machine the Tecthulhu, because I thought we first saw this thing through Lovecraft and Howard's eyes... It seemed appropriate.

Recently, however, I have learned that Lovecraft and Howard were not the first to see this vision.

I am en route to Rome to learn what I can. I have reason to believe that there might be clues that could lead me to the origins of the 'Tecthulhu.' I can’t say more than that, except that I think there is both historical and archeological evidence that machines like this have been imagined before, perhaps even built in antiquity.

It has also become evident to me that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe gained access to Nigel Moyer’s research... the research Nigel died to try and protect.

Nigel had seen the machine. He knew it was too powerful. Too tempting.

But that's never stopped Lynton-Wolfe. He's building it... the Moyer Tecthulhu.

Will update as I can.

And yes, PAC was right yesterday... I did receive a package in the mail. And it's with me en-route to Rome now. I'll give it to the winning Faction tomorrow...