That letter to the Acolyte has had me thinking.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

That letter to the Acolyte has had me thinking... I am hoping she will respond -- and folks should not take my thoughts here as a replacement for that -- but I wanted to throw this idea out there so that you could help add to it.

Here's my theory -- well, it starts with a question. What if the machine we've been calling the Tecthulhu is always a manifestation of its creator?

Perhaps the reason Lynton-Wolfe's Tecthulhu was a fearful object of unbridled power was because it travelled into our reality through Lynton-Wolfe himself... a man driven by a thirst for power disguised as knowledge and science.

I've been thinking of it like light and colored glass... The light took on Lynton-Wolfe's hue as it passed through him.

Perhaps even Howcraft's visions were similarly colored by their imaginations and perceptions -- tinted with their particular brand of fear and darkness.

The deeper theory is that the Tecthulhu is not one thing, it is something waiting to manifest -- and in the act of manifestation reflects its creator.

Food for thought.