Some more disclosure.

Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Some more disclosure. Some have suggested that I learned about the Tecthulhu from Susanna Moyer. The most elaborate theory involved how it may have been the password -- the secret encryption key Nigel Moyer gave her when he was dying. If that is true, I have no way to confirm one way or another. I did not ask her for, nor did she divulge, any information about the key.

I know that she was planning on returning to various labs and workspaces that Nigel had occupied over the course of his very long career as a researcher and scientist -- Buenos Aires, Bletchley and a number of other places -- she was looking for a potential site where he may have uncovered abandoned work related to the Die Glocke project.

In one of our final conversations, she said that she might need my help later on -- how could I be reached and would that be OK.

I told her that I did not want to get enmeshed in the business of personal revenge, no matter how valid her case against Jahan was.

She said that that was not the help she felt she would need.

After that, we discussed ABDN for some time -- what it meant -- where the technology may have come from -- how it could be connected to 'older variants' of the same technology. At the time, I was puzzled.

I now understand it better, but it is best if I hold my peace for the time.