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Agents attending the #AegisNova Tokyo Mission Day can visit the Miraikan Museum to see the following Agent missions projected on the GeoCosmos globe. Be sure to take photos and videos of your favorite mission being projected and share them with us on social media.

The Geo Cosmos globe in the Miraikan will be project Ingress operations on the 45th minute of every hour (time subject to change).
The following is the schedule of missions:
10:45 Ode2Joy 5/19/2014, Op.Buddah 2/28/2015, Op. Midgard 9/11/2015
11:45 Op. Green Marble 6/15/2014
12:45 Op. Summer Breeze 6/25/2015
13:45 Op. Eureka 6/12/2014, Op. Matahari 8/9/2014
14:45 Op. Unight16 2/2015
15:45 Op. Eureka, Op. Matahari
16:45 Op. Green Marble 6/15/2014